5 Fun Pet-Themed Casual Games

If you’re on the hunt for some exciting pet themed casual games that you can enjoy in a relaxed and laidback environment then look no further because we’ve picked out five exceptional games that you absolutely must give a shot to. 5 Fun Pet-Themed Casual Games large

1: Pet Connect 2

Pet Connect 2 is a simple yet addicting game in which you’ll get to solve a vast variety of engaging levels that revolve around matching two identical animals together. In order to match animals, you can use up to 3 links and it’s quite satisfying to figure out which animals can be matched while keeping the number of links less than 3. The game also looks delightful thanks to its lively colors so, overall, it certainly comes recommended from us.

Play now: https://www.petgames.club/play/pet_connect_2

2: Popping Pets

Popping Pets is a connect-3 style game in which you’ll have stacks upon stacks of pets that can be matched by clicking and drawing a line across three or more identical pets. Match-3 games are certainly fun but connect-3 games have their own charm and this is why Popping Pets is a game that you won’t be disappointed with.

Play here: https://www.petgames.club/play/popping_pets

3: Pet Crush Saga

Pet Crush Saga is another game in which you’ll be matching together identical animals in order to remove them from the playing field. The level design in this game is absolutely top-notch and this, paired with the lively colors, makes for a gameplay experience that’ll have you hooked for hours upon hours if you choose to give the game a shot.

Play now: https://www.petgames.club/play/pet_crush_saga

4: Pet Mahjongg

Pet Mahjongg, as the name suggests, is a Mahjongg game with an exciting thematic twist. Instead of matching traditional tiles that have the usual Mahjongg themed artwork on them, you’ll instead be matching tiles consisting of animals and this definitely makes for a fresh and engaging gameplay experience. The level design of the game is also nothing short of spectacular and the game also comes with the extremely useful hint and shuffle buttons that you’re likely familiar with if you’ve had your share of experience with Mahjongg games.

Play here: https://www.petgames.club/play/pet_mahjongg

5: Kitty Bubbles

Kitty Bubbles is a bubble shooter game in which, instead of shooting bubbles onto more bubbles, you’ll be helping your kitty shoot balls of yarn in order to make matches. The game offers the same tried and true gameplay that bubble shooting games have always been renowned for and this, along with the exciting thematic twist that the game brings to the table, makes Kitty Bubbles worth anyone’s while.

Play now: https://www.petgames.club/play/kitty_bubbles

Overall, each of the aforementioned games is a treat to play and you definitely won’t be disappointed a single bit if you choose to give any of them a shot. We definitely recommend trying them all, though, as each one of them offers a unique and immersive experience.